Welcome to the rauhaus


Rauhaus is a small, dynamic team with wall-to-wall skills. We shape, perfect, and promote your story with genuine content and a personal touch. Our goal at Rauhaus is to sculpt your brand into an effective and engaging force. From visualization to final product we craft content that will reach the right people in just the right way. Whether you’re a local start-up or an international corporation, we’re confident we can help you grow.


We are creative thinkers to the core.

You don’t have to wait for divine inspiration to get to work on your business’ creative projects. More often than not, modern creatives are not a bunch of romantics relying on their muses. We are creative thinkers who know the steps you need to take to reach the next level. Through visuals, website functionality, smooth language on your marketing material, or a sexy slide deck to pitch to your potential customers, we can make and do it all.


We do our research.

Before anything, we get to work on our understanding. The more we can fully know your industry, intricacies, and our own skillsets required for your projects, the better the outcome will be.


A small team with the power of a full-blown agency.

As you may have heard, we are a married couple with a shared passion. We love being creative, and working alongside each other is a dream come true. Who ever said you should never work closely with your spouse? Not us.